Friday, January 20, 2012

South Beach Diet day 1

Over the past couple months I've used the holiday season and chilly Wisconsin weather (yesterday's high was 8 degrees!!) as an excuse to eat anything and everything I wanted. Which means that the pounds have been creeping on slowly but surely. I hate that moment when you realize that your jeans are starting to feel too snug in certain areas or that your dress isn't laying the way it used to around your curves.

For me those areas where the initial "snugness" can first be felt are my hips, thighs and upper arms/shoulders. South Beach Diet to the rescue! Ah, at least, I hope... Today is day one. I've attempted the South Beach Diet (SBD from this point on) in the past and while I did begin to notice a difference in the first week - I quit because my willpower is essentially next to nothing.

I love bread and carbs and starch. LOVE bread. As in, if I only had one food to eat for the rest of my life I'd choose white, refined, starchy, zero nutrient bread. Which of course means I'd eventually die from malnutrition but hey, it'd be a tasty ride down. And of course my love of bread is what kept me from completing the SBD the first time around. This time however I'm not taking any prisoners. I don't like my tight jeans or my thunder thighs and I'll be darned if they get to hang around for too much longer.

Phase One of the SBD is the most restrictive meaning no fruit, no grains, no starchy, carby anything. Also no yogurt or ice cream or basically anything with sugar (natural or otherwise) in it. Unfortunately I've already *accidentally* broken the diet this morning. When making M's breakfast I ate the crusts from his piece of toast (and yes, I cut the crust off for him. Its the only way he'll eat whole wheat bread) like I do most every morning without even thinking. But I've since rallied and finished breakfast with a cup of black coffee and a scrambled egg with pepper and salt cooked in a little butter.

Even though I've basically ignored this blog since starting it, I think this will be a good place to track my SBD successes and failures (not that there's going to be any failures of course!). Even if no one actually reads what I'm writing, which is highly likely, I'll have my progress out in public on the interwebs and I'm hoping this will keep me more accountable.

Let the beaching begin!