Thursday, October 6, 2011

Occupy Philadelphia Protests

So a lot has been written and shown in the media over the past week or so related to the Occupy Wall Street protests going on in NYC and the related protests in other cities around the country. Today is the beginning of the Occupy Philly protests. I thought I'd share a few snippets I gleaned from various sources.

From the Daily Pennsylvanian

From the Daily Pennsylvanian
Occupy Philly's website:

Quote from Mayor Nutter who appears not just to accept but also approve of the movement- or at least the underlying sentiments:

Ways you can support Occupy Philly: Donations of foodstuffs, cookware, tarps, etc are requested.

What's your take? M and I were talking last night of how this movement feels reminiscent of the Bonus Army during the Great Depression and the sit-ins of the Civil Rights movement (I'm using the term reminiscent loosely here of course as neither M nor I were around for either of those two eras)... Our curiosity is piqued to see how this all plays out. I hope the energy from this movement all around the country lights a fire under President Obama and the Dems to push through some legislation and major changes our country really needs.

And that's the end of my politicking. I promise.

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