Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY Yarn Wrapped Bottles

Alternate post title: Excuses to drink more!

I saw these cute little yarn-wrapped beer bottles on Apartment Therapy a couple weeks ago right after Thanksgiving. Now that we're more or less settled into our place in Madison I wanted to give this cute little craft project a shot. Since moving to Wisconsin our alcohol consumption has increased significantly so I have plenty of material for these types of DIY projects.

I can we're drinking a lot more without batting an eyelid because our Philadelphia alcohol consumption was so low that I'm not worried by our current increase. It was so darn inconvenient to buy beer or good wine where we lived in Philly (especially without a car) that we pretty much just stopped drinking altogether. M would have the occasional beer at a hockey game but that was about it for us.

Wisconsin, not being a state originally founded by Quakers, doesn't have such restrictive drinking laws in place therefore allowing us to buy the occasional six-pack at the grocery store. That combined with renewed access to cheap-yet-decent wine via Trader Joe's ensure that not only will my bolognese sauce currently simmering away in the oven contain a hearty dose of vino, but that I'll have plenty of recyclables just begging to be transformed into cute little DIY projects.

Hooray for drink!

Now onto the craft idea. Below are a few pictures and links to yarn bottle projects. I'll post pictures of mine once they're finished but I'm currently stuck on my first bottle because of my lack of glue gun. My substitute, Elmer's School Glue, isn't quite as user-friendly as I'd like it to be in this case. It's a little tricky getting the yarn to wind up the neck of the bottle without leaving obvious gaps... folks with glue guns shouldn't have this problem.


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