Thursday, March 8, 2012

Letter to Ingrid Michaelson

Dearest Ingrid,

It's as if you can read my mind and know all my silly, fluffy little thoughts regarding M and our charming life together. I cannot help to be convinced that you wrote your song You and I after taking a sneak peak at our lives and (perhaps being slightly jealous?) thought "I must write a witty little ditty about this couple and their silly-hipster, slightly twee but not overly sugar-coated little lives". Especially the part about what champion spooners we are. Glad you made sure to include that important bit of info. Cause really, we're tops.

After all, not every girl is lucky enough to have an M who makes up songs about his pets and dances around the apartment with the cat. Or who notices when I'm having a crummy sort of day and voluntarily skips his Friday night hockey game to be my personal head rest and snuggle pillow whilst I watch The Help and eating popcorn. And chocolate. I'm one lucky, lucky lady.

So if you ever have writers block Ingrid and need some more inspiration, you're always welcome at casa sunny side. We might even through on our hipster glasses and go hiking this Saturday with a charming silly greyhound in tow. And we'll probably stop for brunch along the way too. If that's not song worthy material, I don't know what is.



carol@thedesignpages said...

Hahaha, how nice that you have your very own song:)

respect_the_shoes said...

This is an adorable post - you give me the giggles!