Thursday, March 1, 2012

This week's like list

My current wish/to-do/how awesome is that list:

1) THIS sandwich. It's like Deb can read my mind. 

2) Farmhouse tables. If I had the money I'd purchase the table from Vermont Farm Tables shown below. But since we're broke post-college kids, M and I think we can make one. Okay, so I think we can make one and M will get conscripted into helping. Keep your eyes peeled for as soon as spring officially hits and we can varnish/stain wood outdoors, this baby is gonna happen. Definitely pairing it with modern chairs a la this post from AT.

Image source
3) Babies in printed pants/leg-warmers. So cute and very practical. 

4) The Hunger Games. So excited for this movie! AND it was filmed in North Carolina- represent!

5) This Swedish wedding. The bride and groom chose to have the wedding outdoors overlooking a lake and the photos absolutely took my breath away. Stunning. 

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