Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Like nails on a chalk board

I'd been sitting here at the computer for past hour or so catching up on emails, planning a presentation for tomorrow and browsing a few blogs when suddenly I started hearing this strange high-pitched whistling sound. I thought at first perhaps it was coming from outside since the garbage truck just went down the street or perhaps it was one of the work crews for the seemingly endless home improvement projects going on in our neighborhood.

I went to the window to investigate but couldn't see anything that would be making such an awful, shudder-inducing keen of death. I headed for the kitchen to check the coffee pot and then down to the basement to confirm that the dryer wasn't about to explode. Dodged that bullet. I swear our washer and dryer will be the death of me one day. But that's a story for another time.

(It's a fun one too and involves nearly flooding the basement the first week we moved in. Remind me to share with you sometime.)

But where was the "I want to rip my hair out" shrill noise coming from? I went to listen by the front door and that's when I zeroed in on it.

The cat. Yes, the cat was SNORING. And it is quite possibly the most high-pitched god-awful sound I've ever heard. Wonder if we should take him to the vet? Surely this isn't normal kitty behavior. Then again, Baxter isn't a normal kitty. Did I mention when I picked him up to cuddle this morning while drinking my coffee he managed to get kitty litter on my bare leg?!

Home boy is gross. And weird. But oddly enough, still cute.
Huh? I was snoring? Nah, cats don't do that.

Look at this handsome face. How could I ever do wrong? 
Now pet me. 

Wait. Might you have a treat with you?

No? Well, why did you wake me from my very important nap then hmm?

Definitely weird.

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amy kelinda said...

Awwww, Baxter is so cute! Even if he does emit a horrible, horrible sound while snoring, haha!